Recruitment Management System

In today’s competitive industry, attracting the right talents demands leveraging leading technology and building robust strategies. In this era of digitization, the tedious pen and paper way of searching and hiring candidates can prove futile. That’s where an online recruitment management system comes into play.

A recruitment management system (RMS) software helps in automating a company’s end-to-end hiring process. It includes creating job postings, scheduling interviews, and identifying and analysing the best talents. A robust RMS with intelligent features and advanced algorithms can enhance the recruitment process of a business.

Awedus’ cloud-based recruitment management system is the best choice to enhance your hiring process. Let’s take a closer look at the features of Awedus’ RMS. Features of Recruitment Management System

Features of Recruitment Management System

Awedus’ recruitment management system is a powerful tool built to address the needs of each aspect of the recruitment process with efficiency. It has the following features.

Applicants Management

With the numerous online recruitment management systems available today, competition is fierce. The satisfaction of applicants is one of the main goals of any recruitment management system software. Our software includes the following features to manage applicants:

  • User-friendly interface
  • A seamless way for HR person to add, modify and remove personal and professional details and upload documents of applicant.
  • An efficient search algorithm to filter the right applicant from the database.

Tracking and Managing Applicants

There are a plethora of applications for any job profile. Filtering the right talent based on your expectations demands an easy and outcome-ensuring process. Awedus’ recruitment management system includes:

  • Algorithms that help filter out the right applicant with the help of keywords and data (current personal and professional details).
  • Custom-tailoring the process of tracking applicants with different job profiles.
  • Smooth assignment of various stages of recruitment - searching profiles, connecting to the applicant, resume screening, interviews, etc.
  • Automating the process of scheduling interviews and minimizing the manual efforts in conducting interviews.

Listing Your Job Post

Every job posting has its requirements and workflow. With Awedus’ recruitment management system software, you can filter the genuinely qualified candidates from the aspirational ones with the following features:

  • Adding refined parameters for a job post - number of vacancies, skills, years of experience, etc.
  • Saving searches for the right applicant profiles.

Recruitment Analysis

Analyzing candidates is crucial to select the best matches for a job post. Awedus’ recruitment management system has the below features that help you to make insightful observations. It, in turn, will help you set up the best decision-making process.

  • Filters like recruitment timeframe, skills, salary range, etc. to identify the best talent.
  • Analyzing your target audience, market needs, and industry standards

For any business to succeed, a small but efficient pool of the right talents is essential. You can have a fantastic team only if you have the correct recruitment process set. Awedus’ online recruitment management system helps in equipping the HR team and enhancing the overall hiring process.

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