Payroll Management System

For any enterprise, the HR department has become a crucial role than ever before. One of the various important functions of an HR department that needs automation is a Payroll management system. With online payroll management software, any HR department can manage the salaries of its employees smoothly.

A payroll management system assists in regular salary encashment, tracking of deductions, attendance, loans, bonuses, and allowances. With an online employee payroll management system, you can digitize complicated manual computations. The benefits not only reduce the workload of the HR department but also provide a seamless experience to the employees of the company.

Awedus’ unique and robust online payroll management software is an apt fit for any business which desires to facilitate its business processes and make employee lives easier. Let’s look at some of its top features below.

Payroll Management System Features

Employee Payslip Management

Easy management of payroll details taking into account total working days, leaves, and overtime. Payslip generation is based on various important fields like Basic salary, HRA, Bonus, Taxes, etc. Once the HR confirms payroll, salary slips are automatically generated in the payroll database management software and employees can view month-wise salary slips with instant logins.

Invoice Management

Invoice management is another top feature that provides easy generation and tracking of employee invoices. The generated invoices include name, amount, and date along with other details. Previous invoices can be easily managed and tracked over a period of time. This helps in employee reimbursement and easy dispute settling.

Complete Payroll Reports

You can create custom reports in Awedus’ online employee payroll management system. The software allows you to easily generate payroll reports, statuary deduction reports, and other reports. Data of past years are available in employee-tailored reports for the employees.

Statutory Compliance Management

Manging statutory details and adhering to industry compliances and standards consumes a lot of effort and time. With Awedus’ payroll database management system you can reduce your overhead to a great extent. The software allows you to manage your statuary details like Professional tax, PF, ESIC, TDS, and other taxes while creating employee payslips.

Other Benefits

Some other benefits of Awedus’ online payroll management software include:

  • Management of income tax declarations of employees and making optimum tax deductions and payments
  • Enablement of digitally signed forms for the employees and easy download options
  • One-stop solutions for complete employee data including - salary hikes, bonuses, PF and ESI nominations, etc.
  • Employees can view company policies and forms
  • High data security to keep entire payroll data secure and protect data breach
  • A seamless way for HR person to add, modify and remove personal and professional details and upload documents of applicant.

A payroll management system cuts a lot of effort for the HR team and is necessary for managing employees’ payroll data along with other benefits. Such software is worth to any business which puts employees and ROI at its core. It is the right time for you to invest in a payroll database management system to accelerate the pace of your growth. Awedus’ online employee payroll management system can be the best assistance for you. Why not schedule a demo and check it out?

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