Employee Management System

Do you want to free yourself from the cumbersome manual process of maintaining your employee’s details? All you need is our future-ready Employee Management System Software that is time, effort, and cost-savvy.

No matter whether you want employee performance management, new talent recruitment management, payroll management, and in-house or remote workforce management, anything will be a piece of cake with our online Employee Management System.

We know that a good Employee Management System can make a drastic change to the productivity of an organization, especially when you have a small-sized business or startup. So, by leveraging our feature-rich Employee Management System Software, you can be more focused on the growth of your business more than anything else.

Employee Management System Features

Employee Database Management

Store, manage (add, modify, remove), and track all employee details such as name, age, job profile, earnings, ID, and length of service. No matter the size of your workforce, you can streamline HR processing with our Employee Database Management System.

Employee Attendance Management

You will get a real-time report related to attendance, working hours, and daily time-in, time-off entry of your employees. It will let you identify early arrivals and late coming consistency of the employees to take future decisions.

Employee Department Management

By leveraging our Employee Department Management system, it is easy for HR professionals to add or modify employee departments and keep track of employment exchanges with great ease.

Employee Designation Management

You can add and manage employee’s designation respective to each department with our Employee designation management feature to make it easier for HR professionals to differentiate individual employee roles and responsibilities according to their relevant fields.

Appraisal Management

Our continuous performance appraisal system tracks your employees’ performance consistently, generates employee appraisal reports, and adds new appraisal cycles for individual employees. These insights enhance team quality and boost the company’s productivity.

Employee Leaves Management

Allocate, track, and grant leave to your employees without any hassle and also let them view their leaves status (pending, approved, or rejected). Additionally, with our leaves management system, employees can discover in advance who else from their team is on leave.

Employee Payroll Management

Simplify payroll processes such as management of employees’ salaries, wages, tax deduction, insurance premium, payslip generation, statutory details-based payment, and other multiple aspects of employees’ remuneration.

Be more mindful of your employees, as they are one of the precious assets of your organization. They will directly impact the performance of your business as a whole. That is why it is significant to leverage the most reliable way to manage employees.

Empower your business with Awedus’ modern Employee Management System to automate team management and keep employees on task, so you do not have to spend time observing.

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