What is HR Software?

What is HR software?

HR Software provides digital solution to manage and optimize daily HR activities of an organization. Digitizing HR activities leverages the HR personnel of an organisation to allocate their time to more productive and profitable efforts, benefiting the workforce of an organization. These software systems assist the organization in managing people, automating many manual tasks, and keeping information orderly and systematic. HR software have been into the market from the time of 1980s, to the web-based software systems of the 1990s, and now into the subscription-based Cloud systems that Integrates with multiple data management programs.

The core functions that HR software can perform are:

  • Securely storing and organizing employee data

  • Creating organizational workflows and tracking approvals

  • Time tracking

  • Tracking employee training for development and compliance

  • Gauging and reporting on employee satisfaction and retention

  • Doing the Performance management and goal tracking

  • Benefitting for the administration and management

  • Pre-boarding, onboarding, and off boarding the automation

  • Monitoring all data changes with an audit trail

  • Producing custom reports to provide strategic insight

Types of HR Software

There are a variety of HR tasks which can be automated by HR system and encompassing most of all the functions in HR management. The types of HR software include –

  • Human Resource Information System (HRIS) – A system that takes care of human resources, accounting, and payroll management. It allows a company to plan its HR costs more effectively and allocating fewer resources.

  • Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) - A combination of systems and processes connecting human resource management and information technology through HR software. It allows an organization in candidate recruiting, payroll management, leave approval, attendance tracking, performance reviews and management, and the overall maintenance of employee information.

  • Human Capital Management Software (HCM) – A software that offers an array of applications designed to assist in the acquisition and employee development.

  • Applicant Tracking system (ATS) - An ATS is a software that can help businesses with their hiring processes. This software can automatically track and process hundreds of applications in far less time than it would take a recruiter to so manually. An added advantage, these systems are equipped with algorithms that can search for applicants that would best fit your organization’s open positions thereby reducing workload of hiring personnel. Reducing errors, eliminating paper in the office, and centralising information of applicants and their hiring are a key feature of this system.

Awedus Recruit is an Applicant Tracking System designed to take care of dynamic needs of today’s recruitment industry

  • Payroll Systems - A system designed to organize all the tasks of employee payment and tax filing. Any business should have a payroll management process established to ensure employees are paid accurately and consistently.

  • On-Premises HR Software – These are the first forms of HR systems. On-premises HR software are installed on individual computers and operates within a small network within an organization. An On-Premise HR Software is pretty easy to use and more customizable.

  • Cloud - Based HR Software - Organizations world-wide today uses cloud- based HR software. Instead of purchasing hardware and managing on premise, one can use cloud based online HR software like AwedusHR. These systems can be accessed on any mobile devices having internet access using logins. Mobile workforce benefit from these cloud-based systems.

Cloud-based HRIS allows companies to save money in several areas, while also saving space and time.

  • On demand solutions

  • Off-site Backup

  • Access anywhere

  • Paperless office

  • Security

Features of HR Software

HR software features can vary from system to system, but often include:

  • Employee Management (Core HR):

    • Securely track and store employee records in one click

    • Assigning user rights and roles to individuals on need basis

    • Adding/Editing and delete Employees and changing their status

    • Viewing activities of each employee in detail

  • Payroll Management

    • Calculating payroll, taxes, sick leaves, and holidays

    • Instant automated generation of payslips

    • Detailed information on attendance, bonuses, deduction, net pay, and predefined salary structure

  • Time and Attendance Management – Conveniently generate and manage employee attendance with the help of cloud-based HR management software. These automated systems are linked with a biometric attendance kit and keeps track of employees being present/absent days, including working hours.

  • Recruitment Management

    • Resume Management – Resume upload, candidate and resume search, and accept resume in all formats

    • Applicant Tracking system, Centralize Communication, Archive Applicants

    • User Friendly and Intuitive Interface

    • Recruitment Analytics Dashboard and reporting

    • Collaborative Recruitment – Share candidates with team members, share notes and candidate evaluations, assign different stages

    • Manage User Roles and permissions

    • Schedule Interviews and assign to respective team members

  • Appraisal Management

    • Employee appraisal and tracking

    • Employee evaluation process, feedback, and applause on achievements

  • Employee Self Service - Allows employees view, edit, and manage their details and keep it up-to-date. Employee Screening Solutions (ESS) will significantly simplify the communication process and save a lot of time and effort from HR to engage with other essential tasks.

While most companies and individuals are somewhat familiar with HR software, the landscape is rapidly changing with the addition of new best-of-breed applications. The changes in customer expectations and the greater willingness of employees to use self-service HRMS now is needed.

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