Unlock the real power of digitization with comprehensive Human Resource Management Software. Our cloud-based HR management system makes it easy to manage your HR processes and complex functions seamlessly. The automated HR management software will be your one-stop solution assisting you in making meaningful HR decisions.

Awedus’s cutting-edge human resource software enables small and medium businesses to manage all HR activities from hire to retire.


  • Intelligent Dashboard with widgets of important activities
  • Log your Activities directly and create tasks
  • Upcoming Leaves, interviews, Appraisals, Resigns and Birthday widgets
  • Today’s interviews assigned to you
  • Card to view Persons on leave today

Employees Management

  • Securely Track and store employee records in one click
  • Add/Edit and delete Employees and change status of Employees
  • Assign user right and role to individuals on needed basis
  • View activities of each employee in detail

Documents Management

  • Store all your documents at one place
  • HR Policies, norms and rule books for employees to view from one central location
  • Set rights to show/hide documents

Recruitment Mangement

  • Resume Management – Resume Upload, Candidate and Resume search and Accept Resume in all formats
  • Applicant Tracking system, Centralize Communication, Archive Applicants
  • User Friendly and Intuitive Interface
  • Recruitment Analytics Dashboard and reporting
  • Collaborative Recruitment – Share Candidates with team members, share notes and candidate evaluations, Assign different stages
  • Manage User Roles and permissions
  • Schedule Interviews and assign to respective team members

Leaves Management

  • A user-friendly Leave management option for all employees
  • Employees can add leave, Update leave until it is processed
  • Senior management and HR can see all leaves in one screen
  • Reporting manager can Approve, Reject or Cancel Leaves

Holidays Mangement

  • Awedus’ top-notch Human Resource Management Software lets you maintain a list of annual holidays easily by controlling leave balance, leave notifications, and more. Moreover, it will aid employees in planning their holidays.
  • The process of reassigning an absent employee's task can also be transformed with our simple yet powerful holiday management module.

Employee Review Management

  • Internal team members can review other fellow workers’ behavior and work performance. This enables HR and senior management to gather quick insights into the employee’s overall performance.

TDS Mangement

  • Auto calculation and exemptions of TDS will be simplified with our complete and user-friendly Human Resource Management Software.

Attendance Mangement

  • Conveniently generate and manage employee attendance with the help of our cloud-based HR management software. This automated system is linked with a biometric attendance kit and keeps track of present/absent days, including working hours.

Payslips Mangement

  • Awedus Human Resource Management Software helps the HR and accounting managers calculate Payroll, taxes, sick leaves, and holidays.
  • The salary calculation is based on attendance, bonuses, deduction, net pay, and predefined salary structure. The system will generate payslips automatically, and employees can view month wise salary slips instantly.

Appraisal Mangement

  • Employee appraisal is no more a pain area of HR. One can easily make appraisal strategies with employee performance evaluation process, constant feedback, and applause on achievements. It will also let you track the next appraisal as well as details of the recent hike.

Employee Self-Service

  • Let’s employees view, edit, and manage their details and keep it up-to-date. ESS will significantly simplify the communication process and save a lot of time and effort from HR to engage with other essential tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

AwedusHR is HR software that enables the management of several HR functions through the use of modern technology. Our main aim is to improve the productivity and efficiency of the business through the automation of manual and repetitive tasks.

  • Manage Employees Effectively

  • Help in Recruitment Management

  • Attendance & Leaves Management

  • Fast Payroll Processing

  • Helps in Appraisal Planning

  • Accurate TDS Management

  • Employee Document Management

AwedusHR is designed for small, medium, and large size companies that are looking to automate their HR operations.

Yes. AwedusHR is a cloud-based solution, and both the web and mobile versions can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Even Awedus HR can be available offline based on your request.

We are proud to say that our implementation process is fast and it takes just up to SEVEN days.

There are several advantages to a cloud-based solution, some of which are:

  • Cost efficiency: Hosting, deploying, scaling, and maintaining cloud infrastructure is more economic than doing so for servers hosted locally.

  • Security and uptime: We offer a very secure cloud-based server that guarantees 24/7/365 and 99.99% availability and extra security to our system.

  • Paperless experience: During this pandemic time and the new reality we live in, utilizing tools that allow you to onboard your employees remotely is priceless. With AwedusHR, you can onboard, train, update, operate, and support the platform remotely making sure you and your loved ones are safe and out of harm’s way.

  • More frequent updates: Utilizing a cloud infrastructure allows us to add new features and refine existing ones with minimum disturbance to your daily operations and at more frequent intervals.

Yes. We offer a demo of AwedusHR. One of our representatives will contact you and provide you online demo about how to use AwedusHR & the core features of AwedusHR. Once you buy our service, our technical person will set up your account and guide you through the different modules.

On-premises deployment is only available for a life time subscription plans. Please reach our sales team for further information.

AwedusHR pricing is based on the annual & lifetime subscription model. Contact us to know about annually and lifetime subscription pricing.


You renews if your subscription plan is about to expire. You will also receive a reminder email concerning the expiry of your current subscription plan. If you have purchased the plan in advance, it will automatically become operative from the day your current subscription plan expires.

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