Attendance Management System

Say goodbye to the old school methods of attendance. Employee attendance is no longer a burden with our future-ready attendance management system. It will help to mitigate manual work with automation to manage human resources at the workplace.

Employee attendance management system is a digital platform that streamlines employee attendance, working hours, and vacation management. Our online attendance management system will keep track of all your employees. It's easy to use and remove hassles from monitoring your employees' daily activities anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks.

Information collected through our attendance management system software enables you to assess whether your business is making good progress concerning employees and is heading towards future success or not. Eventually, it will boost business productivity and provide more benefits.

Attendance Features

Customized Attendance Module

Our employee attendance management system enables companies to tailor the app according to their preferences. All changes can are doable with just a drag-and-drop interface and a few lines of guided script.

Online Attendance Management

You can do everything online, from keeping a close eye on employees' working hours to automatically importing data into your Payroll system. Time and efforts are saved along with data security that leads to enhanced productivity.

Real-time attendance

Our attendance management system software enables real-time tracking and provides automated inputs for Payroll processing. It simplifies payment schedules and avails all information in real-time. Managers can also access employee activities in real-time.

Daily Time-Entry

You can track and manage the working hours of employees with the help of a timer. You can analyze daily, weekly, and monthly employee attendance sheets through which it is easy to identify any attendance issues.

Attendance from mobile app

By tracking entry & exit times of employees directly from smartphones, you can manage everything from the palm of your hand. Our software supports all the mobile platforms and tabs.

Attendance through Biometric

A biometric attendance system verifies the employee's identity and captures one's time of entry and exit using his/her fingerprint. It will eliminate the inaccuracy in tracking attendance.

Configure automatic shift scheduler

Can arrange employee shifts automatically according to their position and department. The automatic scheduler module is of great comfort for HR as it aids in exchanging shifts from time to time and notifies employees in advance.

Complete attendance report

Our system records employees’ presence, absence, sick leaves, and working hours to calculate attendance percentage over a selected time and creates a report in a well-formatted manner. Can export this excel report for payroll.

Adopting a leading-edge technology is not only efficient in time management but can revolutionize workplace well-being. It will help if you take care of your employees and their requirements throughout the working day.

Our all-in-one attendance management system software tracks and records all of your team's working hours.

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